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The Cooperation Net “Villas Romanas de Hispania” was created in 2015 as a transversal working initiative, aiming to join the whole territory of ancient roman Hispania in a heritage, culture and tourism proposal, also innovative and sustainable.
Villas romanas de Hispania
The importance of the villa relies on the fact that the land was the base of roman economy, and its owning was the essential pillar of social prestige and politic power of the owner.


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In 2015, ten public institutions joined together with the aim of preserving and disseminate the heritage legacy of this kind of archaeological sites. It is an open project that wishes to keep on growing and integrating new members.

Villae hispaniarum

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Cooperation Net Villas Romanas de Hispania Association


In itinere, or on the way, is an archaeological tourism product far from massification of great touristic tours, which proposes a suggestive experience, to discover a territory of deep history and tradition by visiting each of the roman villas that define it.
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