Second session. 1st Webinars Villas Romanas de Hispania

We celebrate the second session of the 1st Webinars held by the National association Villas romanas de Hispania

We celebrate a new session of this first edition of the webinars held by the National association Villas romanas de Hispania. In this session we are going to analyze the challenges, experiences and opportunities of archaeological tourism in Spain.

Archaeological tourism in Spain. Challenges, experiences and expectations.

Intended to: public and private touristic agents, local agents, graduated and professionals related to tourism, cultural management and heritage, history of art, archaeology, etc. and students of degrees related to the topic of the webinar.



13th October 2021

05:00 to 05:40 p.m.: Presentation 1. Professor PhD Alberto Moreno Melgarejo. Grupo Cintana. “Assembling a competitive archaeological tourism offer”.

06:00 to 06:40 p.m.: Presentation 2. Professor PhD Nuria Recuero Virto. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. “Reliving the past: the magic potion of touristic experience”.

06:40 to 07:00 p.m.: Debate.

20th October 2021

05:00 to 05:40 p.m.: Presentation 1. Ms. Fátima Muñoz Tejero. Predoc researcher. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. “The interpretation of archaeological heritage. Methodology, model, and application”.

05:50 to 06:30 p.m.: Presentation 2. PhD Jesús Jiménez Guijarro. Technician, Community of Madrid. Professor PhD Nuria Morére Molinero. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. “Specificities of archaeological tourism in the Community of Madrid”.

06:40 to 07:20 p.m.: Presentation 3. Professor PhD Juan Manuel Bermúdez. URJC. Professor Helena Domínguez del Triunfo. URJC. Professor PhD. Nuria Morére Molinero. URJC. “Archaeological Heritage. Heritage in danger. Alternatives through archaeological tourism”.

07:20 to 07:40 p.m.: Debate.

27th October 2021

05:00 to 05:40 p.m.: Presentation 1. Manuel Romero. Dinamiza Asesores. “Touristic strategy of the Net of Villas de Hispania”.

05:50 to 06:30 p.m.: Presentation 2. Laura Benito. Jansá, Cultura y Tecnología. “Archaeological heritage, tourism and technology”.

18:30 a 19:00 h: Resultados-Conclusiones

06:30 to 07:00 p.m.: Results-Conclusions

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Coordinated by:

Nuria Morére Molinero. Catedrática. Área de Historia Antigua. Facultad de Ciencias Jurídicas y Sociales. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Participation certificate:
The participation certificate with the detailed program and formative hours will be issued to any inscribed person who asks for it.

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